10 Gorgeous Small Bedroom Designs for Homes

Stay Single

Ezhilagam: modern Bedroom by Spacestudiochennai

Quite often, a double or queen-size bed makes a small room look cramped. Instead, opt for a single bed with a pull-out bed for accommodating additional guests. This leaves ample room for walking around.

Keep Off the Floor

Children's Bed Room: modern Bedroom by KREATIVE HOUSE

When you don’t have any other option than to place the head board against the window in the room, get floating bedside tables and bookshelves to free up the already crowded floor space.

modern Houses by Casas inHAUS

Resort to Visual Trickery

Duplex at Indore: asian Bedroom by Shadab Anwari & Associates.

What do you do when your bedroom has just enough space for a bed and two side tables? Try to create the illusion of space. This monochrome bedroom, designed by Shadab Anwari & Associates, has black silhouettes of towers painted on the wall behind the headboard that trick the eyes into believing that the room is larger than it is.

Cut a Corner

Mahesh Kataria: modern Bedroom by PSQUAREDESIGNS

In this small bedroom, where the built-in study area occupies an entire wall, make the room look less crowded by pushing the bed to the corner. Adding an interesting design feature, like the panel that travels up the corner wall and connects to the false ceiling, adds style to the room

Reflect Spaces

C-1860 Sushant Lok 1, Gurgaon, Haryana: modern Bedroom by Indeera Builders Private Limited

One of the most commonly used tricks for making a room appear larger is to introduce reflective surfaces that give a sense of expanded space. In this small bedroom, the mirror wall art behind the headboard as well as the shiny laminate on the wardrobes achieves that.

Use Contrast Shades and Layers

Mr Siddhart Shandilya: minimalistic Bedroom by Ambiance Design Studio

Add contrast colours to the walls to create a sense of depth, like in this bedroom that effectively combines black and white. Rather than straight lines, use layers with shelves at different levels or even collage photographs or artworks on the wall to trick the eyes into seeing height and depth.

modern Houses by Casas inHAUS

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Get Floored

RESIDENCE AT VILE PARLE (E): modern Bedroom by Dhruva Samal & Associates

Low beds help in making the room look bigger by increasing the distance to the ceiling. In this bedroom, the use of foldable cushion mattresses not only gives it a rustic feel, but the folded mattress also doubles up as a convenient side table when the extra bed isn’t in use.

Bare Minimum

RESIDENCE AT VILE PARLE (E): modern Bedroom by Dhruva Samal & Associates

‘Less is more’ when it comes to creating the illusion of space. Notice how the no-frills approach in this small bedroom gives it a spacious feel with the only furniture in the room being a bed, a side table and a tall cabinet in the corner. Roll up blinds instead of pleated curtains complete the look.

Keep it Light

Grand Parents Room: modern Bedroom by Uber space

Light colours make a room look bigger, while dark tones close in and make the space smaller. White walls, headboard, side tables and linen give this small bedroom a sophisticated feel. Add pastel cushions and a throw to provide relief from the monotone.